PES 6 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

The author of the original version of ANT Patch is Shollym, I make the new reedited version available here for You Friends, becouse of Shollym’s permission to share this new version with all of You. This version I have made on beginning of 2018. Now I can share it here.

My version is connected with the theme of World Cup Russia 2018. Creating the new edition I have chosen the best existing stadiums, then in the Game Graphic Studio many of them improved by various elements like the new pitch's turfs and new adboards. Thanks to this reedit work, I was able to acquire a lot of experience in editing graphics and PES / FIFA series game database. Thanks to that experience I could later create another similar projects, like ANT Patch for FIFA 15.

I updated some of the teams, changed some kits and formations for some teams. I improved the graphics, intro movies, and sounds found in the original version. Tournaments names are as authentic as in the original Shollym's version. In this version there are 413 best available stadiums organized by nations order in stadiumserver.

Thank you Shollym for allowing me to share the reedited version of yours old wonderful ANT Patch released years ago. For download there are: 21 archive 7z files, 10,2GB, after unpack it will be 16,4GB


Credit List:

Shollym PESerbia – PES 6 ANT Patch Version 2014

Evo-Web Community's Stadium Makers – over 413 new stadiums added

Fabrizzio1985 – PES 6 ANT Patch Version 2018

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