2006–2007 UEFA Champions League is the licensed patch of the 2006–07 season with all UEFA Champions League participants. Developed by Sweetly23 extracting much of the content from the PES6 licenses patch, it improved the graphics, menus, among other things, and comes with the premise that in the next few days it will be complemented by two MODs, Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup 2007.

Main information:

- Customized by Sweetly23.
-Thank you to Pato_Lucas, for all his knowledge and editing tools.


- Graphic menu and background music of the UEFA Champions League.
- The 32 teams that participated in the 2006-07 UEFA Champions League.
- Equipment location ordered according to real groups.
- All kits and alternative combination.
- Faces and hair for most players.
- Boots for all players.
- Fixed training and player statistics.
- 2006-07 UEFA Champions League Scoreboard.
- 32 UEFA Champions League stadiums (Including final stadium, Athens).


- This is in a patch exclusive to the 2006-07 UEFA Champions League tournament.
- Only the 32 teams can be used.
- Other teams are not available and other modes are not playable.
- For the exhibition match, only Exhibition marker can be used.


- All editors of PES6 Licenses (faces / balls / boots / kits / stadiums).


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